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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bloggers' Night Spa Escape at Olive Leaf Wellness Spa

It was a cold rainy Monday night. It would have been a good idea to head home, have a hearty dinner and crawl early to bed but a wonderful option was available. The lovely owner of Olive Leaf Wellness Spa, Miss Christine invited Davao Bloggers to try out their services.

L to R: Miah, Me, Miss Christine, Chamee, Vanessa (Photo Courtesy of Vanessa) 
The establishment is located inside Juna Subdivision, Matina which is away from the hustle and the bustle of the city. 

You will be immediately set into a relaxing mood when you enter the place with the dim lighting, warm colored interiors, calming music and ginger tea. 

I read their menu of services and found it unique because it is inspired by Greek Mythology.

Photo Grabbed from Olive Leaf Facebook Page

It took me a while to decide on what service to try out but I eventually settled on The Chocolate Truffle Scrub. I am a chocolate lover so you can see the attraction of being treated to and exfoliating treatment with Belgian Chocolate and Mediteranean Sea Salt.

Me and Mommy Miah Getting Prepped for our Spa(Photo Courtesy of Vanessa) 
So I laid there and had my body generously scrubbed while breathing in the wonderful scent of chocolate. After the half hour scrub, I took a warm bath and then had my one hour massage with olive oil. It was truly a luxurious experience and a rare treat to a working Mom like me who needs to de-tress every once in a while. Every hard working souls out there needs to pamper themselves and having a spa is a perfect way to do it!

What I love about Olive Leaf Wellness Spa is that they use organic products that are safe for most skin types and really more effective and nourishing. They also offer a customized massage where you can choose the duration, pressure and area of the body that you want the therapist to focus on. I believe this is the first spa that offers this type of massage in Davao.

In addition they offer packages for couples, moms, dads, bride or husband to be and can even accommodate spa parties which are perfect for birthdays or bridal showers.

What I don't love about it is that it is a bit far from where I live but of course that wouldn't stop me from visiting them again after having a wonderful experience! ;-)

Olive Leaf Wellness Spa

Location: #603, Door 2, Macopa Street, Juna Subdivision, Matina Crossing, 8000 Davao City, Philippines

Facebook Page: Olive Leaf Wellness Spa

Business Hours: Mon-Thurs 2:00 pm - 12:00 am, Fri-Sun 2:00pm - 2:00am
Contact No. 0917-392-4868 / 0917-682-8919 / 0922-218-1088 / (082) 273-0570
E-mail Ad:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

My First Escape Room Experience

I am a huge fan of puzzles and mysteries. I love reading Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes and other detective novels. I also love to watch mystery movies and crime series like CSI, Sherlock and etc. I love listening to mysterious songs too! Okay the last line is an exaggeration.

Ever since I've heard of live Escape rooms in Manila I've always wanted to go. Escape Room games are live adventure wherein players are locked inside a room and they have to observe and use the things inside the room to  find clues and hidden objects,  solve puzzles and escape the room within a set limit time.

When I've heard that one will be opening in Davao, I didn't pass up the chance to visit it when they invited Davao Bloggers to try it out. 
Excited to Channel Sherlock Holmes and oh that's my husband on the mirror

There are 3 rooms which are Lucila's curse, Secret Agents on a Mission and  Murder at Apartment 999.

Your team which is composed of a maximum of 6 members will be given an hour to escape the room. When your time is up and you still haven't escaped the room then your doomed  you will automatically be let out of the room.

Before entering the room there will be a game master assigned to brief you on your task. The game master will also accompany your team inside the room but will only observe and not participate. 

There are three levels of difficulty, Houdini, Difficult and Easy. Houdini level means no clue, Difficult level gives you two clues and Easy level gives you five. The clues will be given by the game master but you have to ask for the right questions first thus each question should be carefully thought of. You can have a chance to downgrade your level once inside the room. Only those who chose Houdini level will have a chance to be featured in the leader board.

So here's our escape experience, there are four members in our team namely my husband, Lovely and Mickey. 

We came, we lost but we had fun!

We chose to be detectives and solve the Murder at Apartment 999. We also chose the Houdini level but after a few minutes we downgraded to difficult and after more minutes we downgraded to easy but still we failed to escape the room *sigh* I felt disappointed with myself but I am very challenged to try it again soon and hopefully be able to escape in time.


Location: Mezzanine floor of Adelfa Building,
Km.6 J.P Laurel Avenue, Lanang, Davao City, Philippines 

Operating Hours: 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Wednesdays to Sundays Tuesdays 


Facebook Page: MysterEscape

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Music and musings

I often listen to music when doing something,  household chores or work. The music provides a jumbled background of melodies and words as I concentrate on my task but every once in a while a line from a song just refuses to be unheard. Right now it is this line...
''I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right ├žause now I'm shining bright "

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jollibee invades Davao with the Jollitown Funtasy Land

Last May 9, Jollibee Kids Club members in Davao experienced an extra sarap summer as the Jollitown Funtasy Land caravan hits town at the SMX Convention Center in SM Lanang, Davao. 
My family did not let this event pass since my son, Kulay is a big fun of Jollibee and friends.My entire family went there and Kulay was ecstatic bouncing around the Rainbow Slide and Jollibee House. He bravely fell in line with other kids so he could go back repeatedly to the slide but he was scared to try the Dingdangdong Clingers.
The kids and young at heart enjoyed posing at the various Jollitown Themed photo booths scattered around thr venue.
The place was filled with various adventure such as this Enchanted Maze with magical characters!
There were also a magic well which fascinated everyone.
My lone year old daughter loved riding the Jolli car ride.

Everyone had a chance to chat with Jollibee at the Jolliphone booth.

There were a lot more activities that kids enjoyed during the event but I guess the highlight was watching and even dancing with Jollibee, Hetty, Twirlie and Champ.

All kids were given loot bags and some purchased special Jollitown Souvenirs like the Jollibee stuffed toy  to bring home with them and add to their collection.

My family really had a blast and we look forward to more events from Jollibee like this! You can also become a JKC member now a to have exclusive access to other fun-filled activities! Log on to for more details.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Liwanag's First Birthday: A Shabby Chic Sunshine Party

We celebrated Liwanag's Birthday at the same day as her Baptism last March 8, 2015.  This is an advance celebration as her birthday is on March 11. I decided to have a Sunshine theme inspired by her name which means "light". I also wanted to have a non-pink color scheme since this seems as a default color for girls. Don't get me wrong, I love pink! In fact it is my favorite color and I actually hate yellow because I think it is a loud color. 

When I was searching for party inspirations, i stumbled upon the theme Shabby Chic so I adapted a few concept from that theme thus the "Shabby Chic Sunshine" theme.

We had her baptism at St.Joseph the Worker Parish and had the reception at Pippin's Restaurant. Both places are very near our residence.

Our decoration for the venue are all DIY which my husband and I both made with love. I made the pinwheels and cloud pom poms while my husband made the 3 ft letter standee and the sunshine Pinata.
For the table centerpieces, I recycled mayo jars and adorned it with doily and ribbon and placed baby's breath flowers. I attached a balloon per vase. I wanted to add framed photos but we forgot to print the photos, so there.

I ordered the 6 inches icing sunshine cake (P700) and sunflower cupcakes (P29) from Sweet Aroma who did a great job in copying the design I gave them. I chose them specifically because their cakes are really yummy and I don't want a fondant cake because I don't like the taste much.

The loot bags are bought from stores and I just added the doily and ribbon.

 For giveaways to god parents I had sugar cookies made by Jan Alalong.
 So here we are, the yellow team
and here is the birthday girl, our little miss Liwanag. She has truly brought happiness and light to our lives. God bless you always baby! Mama, Papa and Kuya loves you very much!

Liwanag's Fisrt Birthday Photoshoot

Wow it's been a really long while since my last post. There have been a lot of things that have kept me busy and one of them is my daughter Liwanag or Lili as we fondly call her. We celebrated her first birthday last March 11 but before the birthday. We had a photoshoot with of course her Dad, Kulay Potograpiya as our photographer. Sharing our favorite photos on that shoot.

Location: Riverfront Corporate Center or most commonly known as outside Crocodile Park

OOTD: Pillow Dress made by local WAHM, Smartmum Online, Headband crocheted by my friend Ailyn, shoes from Crib Couture

OOTD: Denim Jacket from Gap, Tee from Old Navy, Skirt from Cotton On, Tutu Skirt made by my friend Roselle


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